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About FIAuk

 We are the UK Flexographic Industry Association - FIAuk - the trade association for the Flexographic industry, headquartered in the UK. We represent the entire flexo supply chain from designer to printer and industry suppliers through to brand owners and retailers.

 We support and promote our industry through a variety of mechanisms:

  •  We deliver nationally accredited training and education through our e-learning Academy and through partnering with    the WCPC & The Retail Institute at Leeds Beckett University.
  • We promote Flexo Process & Technology in the media and at key events - seminars, workshops, exhibitions and conferences.
  • We deliver industry networking opportunities throughout the year including a gala dinner, partners luncheon, golf day and AGM.
  • We manage a recognition programme through our Annual Print Competition & Awards Programme.
  • We lobby stakeholder groups on key issues affecting the industry.
  • We provide technical support and advice through white papers, press releases and meetings.


"Our Mission is to communicate and celebrate the advancement of the Flexographic process, adding value through training, education and knowledge."


About the Academy

Your new online e-learning platform:

  • Replaces old CD training solutions,
  • Provides a modular structure with integral CPD programme,
  • Is flexible, effective and economical,
  • Covers everything from print design to launch support,
  • Is nationally accredited.

Current Modules:

  • Introduction to Printing
  • Introduction to Colour
  • Inks
  • Anilox Rolls
  • Metering Systems
  • Flexographic Printing Plates
  • Fingerprinting
  • Reproduction
  • Mounting and Proofing
  • Setting a Machine
  • Fault Finding
  • Paper Substrates
  • Film Substrates
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Die Cutting


Future Modules:

  • Colour Management
  • Fixed Colour Printing
  • Health & Safety

About Accreditation

Assessment is based on a points system. Accumulation of points counts towards two highly regarded industry qualifications - Cert.FIA and Dip.FIA

Here's how it works:

  • Within each Module, learners can take optional quizzes at the end of each Topic. They are for fun and practice but carry no points.
  • At the end of each Module learners take one timed exam. Once the learner has started the timed exam they must complete all questions. If they leave the exam without it being completed they will fail and need to pay for a retake to finish the module.
  • If a learner scores 0 – 59% they do not receive a certificate and can request a re-take, which their employer can purchase and assign to them.
  • A learner who scores 60 – 74% achieves a pass with Bronze certificate.
  • A learner who scores 75 – 89% achieves a pass with Silver certificate.
  • A learner who scores 90 – 100% achieves a pass with Gold certificate.
  • Learners who achieve a certificate cannot apply for a re-take.
  • When the certificate is awarded learners are reminded that it carries points that count towards their FIAuk accreditation; Bronze = 5 points, Silver = 7 points and Gold = 10 points.
  • Learners can submit voluntary CPD updates which will score 0 – 10 points each. The points are added to the learner’s score by FIAuk.
  • Points are recorded in the learner’s profile, showing those achieved from certificates, those from CPD, the total and the number of points required to achieve Cert.FIA and Dip.FIA accreditations.

About our Key People

Members of the FIAuk board voluntarily join us from across the printed packaging industry. We are always looking for new members who will contribute to projects aimed at the commercial, technical and educational development of the flexographic print process. The current board comprises:

  • Andy Wilson -  Chairman Andy Wilson is the Group Colour Manager for Coveris UK Food & Consumer, working across board, labels & film.
  • Neil Jones - FIAuk Director. Neil is the Managing Director of Bobst UK & Ireland and Scandinavia.
  • Debbie Waldron-Hoines - FIAuk Managing Director.  Debbie is Director of Avant Tout, a print solutions business specialising in flexography.
  • Joanna Stephenson - FIAuk Marketing Director.  Joanna is the Managing Director of PHD Marketing & Strategy Ltd.
  • Sally-Anne Heaford - FIAuk Finance Director.  Sally-Anne is Managing Director at JM Heaford Limited.
  • Mike Adams - FIAuk Director. Mike is Operations Manager for The Interflex Group in Sunderland and joined the FIAuk Board of Directors in 2016.
  • Bob Drew - FIAuk Director.  Bob is National Sales Manager for Lohmann Technologies UK Ltd.
  • Steve Mulcahy - Vice Chairman FIAuk Director.  Steve is Group CEO of Contact Group.

Expanded biogs and contact details

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